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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kids Design Their Own TapToTalk Albums?

We tend to think of TapToTalk Designer as a tool someone uses to set up and maintain TapToTalk albums for a child. But many of you are working with your child while you use Designer. And some kids, especially older ones, are setting up their own albums.

It often starts with picking out pictures. Whether it's from our library, pictures you find online, or your own photos, kids love to help select them. This can lead them to showing you photos they want included, thus communicating, "I want to say this with my TapToTalk."

And we all know how adept kids are with computers. So it should be no surprise when a child wants to take over and do her own album. After all, the point is for her to communicate, and she knows what she wants to be able to express.

So if you have not already done so, consider involving your child with TapToTalk Designer. Try working on an album together. You may be be amazed and thrilled by what happens when you empower your child this way.

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The TapToTalk Team
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