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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Jump To It!

One of the really handy features of TapToTalk Designer's Album Outliner is called a Jump. A Jump is a part of your Album Outline that you may want to reuse in more than one place. For example, you may want to "Jump To" your child's favorite snack foods in several places in your album. With a Jump, you could put a "Hungry" picture wherever you want, and have it point to a "Snack" Jump. Another common example is a Jump of "colors" that you can reuse in various places.

There are two ways to make a Jump.

The first way is to click on the "New" link next to the word "Jump" in the left panel of Album Outliner. This let's you build a new Jump from scratch. Once it is built, any picture in the main Outline can "Jump To" that group of pictures. You do that by clicking on a picture in the main outline (make sure it is showing in the left window of the album emulator), then click on "Jump To" in the left panel's menu. You'll get a list of the Jumps you've created; just click on one and press okay. We call the picture to which you added a jump the Jump Picture. Now, if a picture already has other pictures below it in the the outline, it cannot be a jump picture. This leads us to the second way of making a Jump.

The second way is to make a Jump out of an existing branch in the Outline. To do this, pick a picture in the outline that goes to a group of pictures that you would like to reuse. Once again, make sure that you see this picture in the left window of the emulator. Then, click on the "Make Jump" link. Just like that, the picture is now a Jump Picture and the branch of the outline below is now a Jump that you can name.

There is a help file (it's a printable pdf) in both TapToTalk Designer Help and Support Center that explains all the details of this, called "Using Jumps in Album Outliner."

A little trick...if you have a part of an outline that you think is in the wrong place, turning it into a Jump is a good way to "move" it wherever you want.

There's a Jump in the Starter Album that you may want to look at. It's called Drinks. There is another picture in the Starter Album that could very logically "Jump To" Drinks. Can you find it?

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The TapToTalk Team
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