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Friday, December 30, 2011

TapToTalk Muestras Español

TapToTalk Designer is the program you use to customize TapToTalk content (albums) to meet individual needs (and Designer is what you pay for). TapToTalk Designer let's you create albums in any language. TapToTalk is used in over 40 countries, in over 20 languages

We have two Spanish sample albums now in TapToTalk Designer entitled Español-Masculino and Español-Femenino. You can use these samples as a starting point for your own personalized Spanish TapToTalk.

You can see these Spanish sample albums in action byclicking this link. Try it. Click the pictures. This shows TapToTalk using our free Web App. The very same content can also be played on many other devices using our free TapToTalk Apps.

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