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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 10 TapToTalk Blog Posts of 2011

We post information on this blog that we think may be of interest to the TapToTalk community. You vote with your clicks. The votes for 2011 are all in, and here are the top ten TapToTalk blog posts for the year, as measured by the number of times each post was viewed:
  1. The Great BubCap Giveaway! (August 31)
  2. Anything on the Screen can be used in TapToTalk Designer! (January 5)
  3. Give TapToTalk a try on your Nook! (April 28)
  4. The CushPad Holiday Giveaway (December 6)
  5. Where in the world is TapToTalk? (October 3)
  6. 7 Tips for your Halloween TapToTalk Album (October 21)
  7. Guest Post: Helping a Child with Tapping Problems use AAC (March 9)
  8. Announcing New TapToTalk Pricing (June 20)
  9. Gab n Go Giveaway (November 10)
  10. TapToTalk AAC on the Kindle Fire (October 7)
We notice that you are really interested when we have giveaways (three of the top ten posts). We do these giveaways to introduce you to new TapToTalk-related products from other companies. We're glad you like them.

We also see that you are interested when we add support for a new device (Nook Color and Kindle Fire announcements).

The rest of the top ten are quite varied.

If you have an idea for a topic you'd like to know more about, or have information to share, let us know. We also welcome guest posts, like Barbara Hallahan's great #7 post about how to help a child who has difficulty accurately tapping. You can tell us your thoughts anytime on our Facebook page, or email us.
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