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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Sample Learning Albums

TapToTalk Designer's Standard Album Library contains a number of sample albums. If you wish, you can add any of these albums to your own TapToTalk, and then customize them as you see fit. Or just use them for ideas. We call these "starter albums" because they are meant to show how different albums can be designed and give you a start on your own individualized albums.

We just added ten new albums to the Learning category. TapToTalk Designer users can access them now in the Standard Album Library. And anyone can try them with the free TapToTalk Web App using the links below (the albums play the same regardless of the device used).

Here is information about eight of the new Learning albums (we'll discuss the other two—the Tap Tutor albums—in a later post).

ABCs try it
A "learn the alphabet" album. Since the English alphabet has 26 letters, this also shows how to handle a list of more than 12 items (the limit for one album page)

Simple Add try it
Learn how to add the numbers 1 through 9. Use this model to create other arithmetic learning pages.

Calendar try it
Learn the days of the week, months of the year and seasons. If you don;t live in the northern hemisphere, you'll want to re-arrange the pictures on the seasons pages.

Colors try it
Learn colors.

Count Them try it
Counting drills where you count familiar animals.

Count 1-10 try it
A basic counting exercise.

Shapes try it
Learn the names of 12 basic shapes.

Spell-Read try it
Illustrates one design approach.to building spelling and reading lists.

These albums also reinforce tapping and reading skills, and they're fun, too. Check them out!

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