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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now get started with TapToTalk Agency with only 3 TapToTalks

TapToTalk Agency is the version of TapToTalk Designer for schools and other organizations that have several professionals serving several students with individualized AAC albums. TapToTalk Agency has all the features of TapToTalk Home and TapToTalk Pro, and also gives you the ability to easily control which staff can do design work on each TapToTalk, no matter where they are located. There are additional features to further enhance design collaboration and maintain centralized administrative control.

We are pleased to announce that you can now get a TapToTalk Agency account with as few as 3 TapToTalks (the minimum used to be 5). Here is what this means for current customers:
  • If you have TapToTalk Pro with 3 or more TapToTalks, you can upgrade to Agency free
  • If you have a Home or Pro account, you can add TapToTalks and upgrade to Agency when you reach a total of 3
  • If your organization has separate accounts and you want to combine them into one centrally administered Agency account, contact us and tell us the account numbers you want to combine, and we'll help make that happen
For new customers, we have reduced the cost of getting started with TapToTalk Agency. The base price for 3 TapToTalks is now $429.95 (additional TapToTalks may be added at any time for $179.95 each). Click here for more information.

TapToTalk Agency means one account, easy centralized administration, and a low cost of getting started.
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