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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nous aider s'il vous plaît--Crowdsourcing a French Starter Album

Updated December 12, 2011: We will actually do two projects, one for French and one for Québécois French. So if you want to help, be sure to let us know which flavor of French you want to help with.

TapToTalk Designer comes with a number of starter albums. Many of you find these helpful, and use them as a foundation for your own first albums. In addition to our English and Spanish starter albums, we have so many French language users now, we want to add a French starter album. To do that, we need to translate the picture names, captions and descriptions from English to French.

We think that is best done by people who understand what TapToTalk is all about: you, our users. So we'd like to enlist you to "crowdsource" this project (en français, externalisation ouverte).

We have created a TapToTalk with a copy of the English starter album. That is the starting point for our French starter album. Now, we solicit our French speaking users to help with the translations.

So here's how you can help. You don't have to take on a lot of work, you can translate just one picture's text, or more if you want to. It should take less than 5 minutes, start to finish, to do the translation for one picture.

If you are willing to help, just email us at marketing@taptotalk.com with the subject "Français" or "Québécois". Tell us how many pictures you want to translate (please don't take on too many, you can always do more later). We'll send you the English text and you send back the French translations. You don't need anything but email to do this.

We'll add these to the album we mentioned above, use text-to-speech to provide the sounds in a French voice, and publish it to the web. We'll let everyone know the url, so you can see the French gradually replace the English, And everyone can make suggestions for improving the French translations. Thus we hope to end up with a really good, crowdsourced French starter album.

FREE BubCaps for Participating
We'll give away a package of BubCaps to several of you who help with the translations. These will be awarded randomly. Just help us with our French TapToTalk starter album and you have a chance to win.

Thanks to the good guys at PaperClip Robot, makers of BubCaps, for supporting this giveaway.
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