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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progress on French Starter Album--Check it out!

Two weeks ago, we kicked off a project to crowdsource a French TapToTalk starter album.

We have had wonderful response from France, so much so that we now have the first complete draft of the TapToTalk Album Starter - Français. Now we need help reviewing it. So please click this link to check it out in the TapToTalk Web App. Note that this uses our male French text-to-speech voice.

If you have corrections to suggest, please do so by commenting on this blog post below ("Post a Comment"). That will help us keep all the comments in one place so others can see them. Please be as precise as you can about exactly what translation you would change.

Here is our plan:

1. Get the male TapToTalk Album Starter - Français as good as we can based on your comments.
2. Then we'll do a female version.
3. And then we'll use the French version as the foundation for a Québécois version.

So, for our friends in Quebec, please hold off on your comments about Québécois differences--we'll get to them soon enough. Other then that, all comments from anyone are welcomed.

And special thanks to Ann-Kristin Chemin, Cherice R. Cardwell, Jayne McGeorge and Carole Contaut. Each of you translated a big part of the starter album. Merci!

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