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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Adult Sample Albums

The same TapToTalk that helps thousands of children communicate is also used around the world to help adults with speech loss due to stroke, head injury, ALS, Parkinson's or other acute or chronic conditions. This powerful yet easy-to-use augmentative and alternative communication is affordable and runs on popular devices like the iPad, Nook Color and Kindle Fire, that aphasic adults can use for many other purposes.

TapToTalk Designer is the program you use to customize TapToTalk content (albums) to meet individual needs (and Designer is what you pay for). We have added two new sample albums to TapToTalk Designer specifically for adult users. You can use these samples as a starting point for your own personalized TapToTalk.

You can see these adult sample albums in action by clicking this link. Try it. Click the pictures. This shows TapToTalk using our free Web App. The very same content can also be played on many other devices using our free TapToTalk Apps.

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