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Monday, October 3, 2011

Where in the world is TapToTalk?

TapToTalk can be used in any language, and so it is not surprising that it is used in over 20 languages in 40 countries, on every continent except Antarctica (we have dolphin and orangutan users, but it seems the penguins are holdouts).

Here are the top 10 countries in numbers of paid TapToTalk users, from most to least:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. United Kingdom
5. Ireland
6. Mexico
7. Israel
8. Italy
9. Germany
10. Finland, Malaysia, France, New Zealand (tied)

Here is how the list looks when you factor in population. These are the top 10 countries in per capita TapToTalk use:

1. Ireland
2. Australia
3. United States
4. Canada
5. United Kingdom
6. Israel
7. New Zealand
8. Finland
9. Denmark
10. Singapore

TapToTalk users are part of a global community, giving kids a voice.

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