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Friday, October 7, 2011

TapToTalk AAC on the Kindle Fire

We are delighted to announce that TapToTalk will be available on the Kindle Fire as soon as that device is available.

Soon you'll have yet another choice for an AAC device. The TapToTalk app for the Kindle Fire will be free and work just like the other TapToTalk apps

As always, there will be no cost for this capability for TapToTalk Designer users. You can run your TapToTalk albums without change on the Kindle Fire, and on as many of our supported devices as you wish. No extra charge. And the TapToTalk Kindle Fire App with sample albums will be free to any Kindle Fire user.

Details will be available on the TapToTalk home page soon. Stay tuned.

Amazon is really extending themselves for their customers. They are testing the apps in the Amazon Appstore for Android to determine if they work properly with the Kindle Fire.  Here is the notification we received from Amazon:

Dear Assistyx LLC,

Congratulations! The following app has passed our compatibility testing for Kindle Fire: TapToTalk

TapToTalk is already available to our customers through the Amazon Appstore for Android.

We thank you for your continued support of the Amazon Appstore.

Best regards,
Amazon Appstore Account Team

We at TapToTalk say, "Thank you, Amazon!"
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