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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Store Reusable AAC Templates in Your Album Library

If you are a TapToTalk Designer Pro or Agency user, you have a powerful feature that lets you build templates, standard designs or best practices into AAC albums. It's called the User Album Library.

Once an album is saved in your Album Library, it can be copied to any of your TapToTalks, and then the copy can be modified to meet the unique needs of the individual child.

You can design albums right in the Album Library or, even more easily, you can save an album you are working on to both a TapToTalk and the User Album Library by checking the "Save to Library" option in Album Outliner.

For example, the Starter Album in the Standard Album Library is used by many professionals and parents as an album starting point. They copy it to their TapToTalk and modify "foods" or "emotions" to suit the child. With the User Album Library, you can similarly create the foundation for albums that you can use as templates to start a new album for a child.

TapToTalk Designer Agency users also have an agency-wide album library called the Agency Album Library. Agency users can be giving the rights to create album templates that can be used by any of the professionals in the agency.

More, with TapToTalk Sharing you can even add your album templates to another TapToTalk Designer user's TapToTalk!

So use your album library to save your album designs for future use, to meet the individual needs of various kids.

Click here for more information about Album Libraries in a printable pdf.
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