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Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Tips for your Halloween TapToTalk Album

Help make Halloween more fun by adding a Halloween album to your child's TapToTalk. That's what a lot of our users tell us they do. Here are the ideas for this we've heard most often:
  1. A picture of a jack-o-lantern that says, "Trick or Treat!"
  2. A picture that says, "Thank You" (use the one you already use for this, but put it right in the Halloween album)
  3. A picture of a ghost that says a real scary, "Boo!"
  4. A picture of a witch that cackles
  5. A picture of your child in his or her costume that says, "I'm a ______"
  6. A picture that says, "That's a cool costume"
  7. Use Google or Bing image search to find great Halloween pictures to use (we also have a few in the Holidays category of the Designer library)
And here is a bonus tip from TapToTalk Mom Becky Brown: "We made a Halloween album too! Most people were interested in seeing (my daughter) communicate this way, plus they gave her extra candy. We personalized hers with some doggy friend names, so she could say hi to them too."

Make this a fun activity. Let your child help pick the pictures, and have fun recording the sounds.
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