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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TapToTalks helps humans communicate with orangutans and dolphins

Yes, that's an orangutan using TapToTalk!

Famed animal communications researcher, advocate and teacher Jack Kassewitz has been using TapToTalk for over a year to communicate with dolphins and orangutans. Jack has pioneered the use of leading edge technologies to facilitate communication with these intelligent animals. Early on, he saw the potential of the iPad and other tablet devices, and began using them in his work.

When we first met Jack, he was considering getting an app developed to enable dolphin-human communication. He realized that TapToTalk Designer let him create the interface he needed. Soon dolphins were tapping and talking, and then orangutans.

For more information, check out Jack's website.

Now that's an AAC user experience report you don't see every day!

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