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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tammy Lessick: Blogger, Mom and Champion of Autism Awareness

TapToTalk was recently invited to write a guest blog post on Tammy Lessick's AutismLearningFelt blog. Tammy was one of the first users of TapToTalk and we were honored to write the post.

Tammy, a blogger and a mom with an autistic son, writes about her son, about autism-related topics and other issues that she feels would be of interest to her readers. She has a forum for members where parents of autistic children can communicate with each other. She even has a "giveaways" area. Tammy has written about her experience with TapToTalk so others could benefit from it. We thank her for her support and are happy to see her moving forward with her well-read blog.

We have been reading other blogs for families dealing with autism, apraxia, Down Syndrome and other special needs. These blogs provide a valuable information and community-building service to those with special needs kids. We salute Tammy and her fellow bloggers who perform this important service.

You can take a look at the TapToTalk post and other interesting posts on the AutismLearningFelt blog.

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