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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Servers Protect Your TapToTalk

We recently upgraded the servers that run TapToTalk Designer. We had to beef them up to keep ahead of the amazing growth of the TapToTalk community. We've grown faster than anticipated, and more and more users means we need more bandwidth, more memory and more storage.

We also wanted to improve the security of our backup. One of the great things about the way TapToTalk works is that your albums are stored on our servers. This means that even if you lose the device(s) you use to run TapToTalk, you can just get a new device and start running TapToTalk again. Nothing is lost.

We store your albums even if you let your TapToTalk Designer subscription expire. That means your child can still use TapToTalk. And those albums are right there when you renew your Designer subscription to make changes to your TapToTalk.

So it was important to us to improve our off-site backup. We have a lot of TapToTalks to take care of, and you and your kids count on them being there. We take that responsibility very seriously.

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