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Friday, February 19, 2010

Special Needs Brother Inspires a Gold Medal Winner

Alex Bilodeau, an American skier in the 2010 Winter Olympics (men's moguls event) has won a gold medal, but he may not have pulled it off had he not been so motivated by his brother Frederick who has Cerebral Palsey. The inspiration is very aptly described by Julie Riera Matsushima in her blog post:
When the camera spanned the audience and the commentator focused on Alex's older brother, Frederic (age 28) who has Cerebral Palsy, I was glued to the TV and I soon realized there was more than one winner in this story. This came to light once again when I watched a short documentary before the award ceremony which featured Alex and his brother. It showcased their loving bond and tears filled my eyes as Alex himself, was quick to respond (once again) that his older brother was the inspiration behind his gold medal performance.

Alex's own soft-spoken words deeply touched me when he said, "When he wakes up he's got that big smile, and when he goes to bed he's got that big smile." Does that sound like anyone you might know? It definitely sounds like a special girl in our family who inspires us all with her courage, her determination to succeed, and; of course, her beautiful smile!
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