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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Toy Library For Special Needs Kids?

During this holiday season when there are so many people buying toys for kids, we are reminded that there are very few places that have toys customized for children with special needs. There actually is such a place that does have toys for children with special needs and the toys are FREE. Yes, free. A welcoming word in a world where toys customized for children with special needs often cost considerably more. In fact it is free because the toys are housed in a toy library at the Ohio State University Medical Center. The Center is helping parents of special needs kids find and borrow toys that are right for each child. Mary Jo Wendling, a specialist at the toy library says:
“Most of the switch-activated items aren’t available locally and because they have to be specially ordered, they’re quite costly. For example, a typical toy in a store might only cost $10 but a specialty toy, modified for special needs kids, is nearly $50. But at Ohio State’s toy library, they’re free. Just like books at a library, families here can check out toys and even specialized computers to take home and try out.”
A therapist is standing by at the toy library to help children choose not only toys that they will enjoy but toys that they will learn from. You can read the full article here: HealthNewsDigest. Do you know of any other such toy libraries? Post a comment if you do.

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