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Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Find the Best Toys for Children with Special Needs

Kennedy Krieger Institute, a Baltimore-based research, patient care and special education organization has teamed up with Parents’ Choice Foundation and selected a list of some of the best toys for children with special needs. They have also developed a set of guidelines to help parents decide what to look for when choosing those toys. Claire Green, the president of Parents’ Choice Foundation wrote the following:
“Working together, Kennedy Krieger and Parents' Choice Foundation have selected some of the best toys available for children with a variety of special needs. For example, Oball ($5.99, all ages, Rhino Toys) can help build fine and gross motor skills and, when playing with another person, also improve social skills. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Wii and DS (starts at $34.95, all ages, Nintendo) can help develop coordination and gross motor skills. First Snaps ($17.99, 6 months, Alex Jr.) are good for improving dexterity and the ability to manipulate things with little hands.”
Elisa Mintz Delia, Kennedy Krieger's assistant clinical administrator, says parents can find plenty of affordable and therapeutic toys. They just need a resource that explains which toys or games can help their children improve their skills.

To learn more about great toys for children with special needs, check out parents-choice.org.

You can read the full article with links at USAWeekend edition.

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