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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Parent’s Perspective

Tammy Lessick has a ten year old son with autism. In her blog, AutismLearningFelt, she shares her experiences raising her son, and other related information, including product reviews. Here is what she had to say about TapToTalk on October 1, 2009:
Communication devices can be so expensive. They can also draw unwanted attention to our child. Ever wonder why they can't make a device that is reasonably priced and your child would be happy to carry around?
TapToTalk isn't a communication device, but it is the next best thing. It is a communication software program that turns a handheld Nintendo DSi or DS Lite into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. When you subscribe to TapToTalk, you will receive the TapToTalk Starter Kit that includes the TapToTalk game cartridge and a standard memory card to copy pictures and sounds from your computer. The subscriptions start at $99.95 for a year.
If you are in need of a communication device, check this out first. Especially if you already have a Nintendo DSi or DS Lite.
Thanks, Tammy.

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