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Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Little Winner

We exhibited TapToTalk at the Morgan Autism Center Conference at Santa Clara University Saturday. A boy about eleven years old stood about 15 feet from our booth, eyeing the TapToTalks on our table. After a few minutes, we invited him over. He shyly approached, then picked up a TapToTalk, and said with clear delight, “Nintendo DSi. I have one.”

He started “tapping and talking.” At one point he exclaimed, “I did it.” Then his dad told us that he is autistic and, though he can talk, says very little. Then his mom came over. We all watched him “tapping and talking.” After a while, he declared, “I won.”

No one had to show our little friend, our little winner, how to use TapToTalk to communicate. Actually, he showed us. And we all had tears in our eyes.

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The TapToTalk Team
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