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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Boy, Dog Tags, Magazines, YouTube, Netflix and TapToTalk

Barbara Hallahan is a speech therapist in Ireland. Here is an update on one of her TapToTalk clients:

I will be giving him a dog tag with a screenshot of his iPad with TapToTalk showing so he can ask for someone to give it to him in order to tell people what he wants. 

The other day when we were working on a feeding issue, he kept pointing to the stack of magazines he likes to flick through. His mother told him that he could do this later. I opened his iPad to his TapToTalk and he went to the rewards page. A photo of the magazines was a choice on the last page. He touched it, looked at his mother, shook his head then chose the activity he wanted to do, which was not available to point to without the TapToTalk.

He is now able to access YouTube and Netflix options because I have loaded the particular acceptable videos via screen shots of them on the activities page. Now he can communicate his specific desires to more people who care for him.

Thanks, Barbara.
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