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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great BubCap Giveaway!

TapToTalk turns an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone into a great communication device for a non-verbal child. But one vexing problem can be those little fingers hitting the control button on the device and exiting TapToTalk. If this is an issue for your little tapper, BubCaps are a great, economical solution. We know, because many of you have told us you use BubCaps and love them.

So now we announce the Great BubCap Giveaway! In cooperation with our friends at Paperclip Robot, the makers of BubCaps, every time the TapToTalk Facebook page reaches another milestone of 50 "likes" we will select a lucky winner and mail them their free package of BubCaps.

Here is how to enter:

Send us an email with the subject line "BubCap" to marketing@taptotalk.com.

Be sure your full name is in the body of the email. That signs you up for the giveaway.

You only need to sign up once!

That's all there is to it.

We also ask that you go to www.facebook.com/TapToTalk and click "Like" if you are not already following us on Facebook.

And please encourage others who are interested in helping folks with speech problems to communicate, to "Like" us on Facebook. Every time we get another 50 fans, someone--maybe you--will win BubCaps.

To learn more about BubCaps, or to buy them, go right to the BubCap website at www.BubCap.com.

Assistyx LLC, makers of TapToTalk, has no interest, financial or otherwise, in Paperclip Robot, makers of BubCaps. But we do think its a great product from a great company, and many of our users agree.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Getting Support When You Need It

We at TapToTalk are proud to have real people available to answer your questions on the use of TapToTalk and TapToTalk Designer. We often respond within two hours of receiving your support request. It is a rare occasion when we cannot respond within the same business day. Though our official hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm Pacific Time, we often respond to email and support form questions "after hours."

The Contact page on our web site gives you several ways to contact Tech Support. We highly recommend that you use the Support Form accessed with the link that says "THE FASTEST WAY TO GET "HOW-TO" HELP & TECH SUPPORT" on the Contact page. That form can also be accessed from the Customer Zone using the link that says "Contact Tech Support." The Customer Zone also provides a quick link to our Online Help and Documentation page, where you can find lots of TapToTalk documentation and instructions (this same material can be accessed using the Help link in TapToTalk Designer).

The more detail that you can give us about the problem you are having or where you are getting "stuck" the better. Regardless of how you contact us, please include the email address that you use to log into TapToTalk Designer.

We know you may be tempted to pick up the phone and call. However, you will not get faster service that way. Support requests are answered in the order that they are received regardless of whether they come through email or the phone.

On the other hand, please do not hesitate to contact us as described above when you need help. You will get answers a lot faster that way than by posting a question on our Facebook page. Facebook is not monitored by our support team, so your question or concern may be missed and response will certainly be delayed. And we want to respond quickly and individually to your support needs.

We also understand that sometimes you just need to talk to a real person. But, please give us a chance to answer your question via email. If this doesn’t work, we can and will schedule a telephone session. We can even use a remote support tool where we can see what you’re doing or can show you how to do something when we are both at the computer. Scheduling a session does take a little planning so that we aren’t playing telephone tag.

Please take advantage of our Tech Support if you have ANY questions. We are here to make sure that you and your child are successful with TapToTalk.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upload Photos from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to TapToTalk Designer

Now you can easily upload photos from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad directly to your TapToTalk Designer Picture Library with the TapToTalk Uploader App. The pictures are then available in Designer to add to your TapToTalk albums. You can choose pictures from one of your device's photo albums, or take a photo and immediately upload it.
  • Buy the TapToTalk Uploader App from the iTunes App Store for only $1.99
  • Use your TapToTalk Designer login credentials to upload photos from your device
  • You can also upload to someone else's Designer account if you have their login credentials
  • You do not need TapToTalk on your device to run TapToTalk Uploader
The Uploader App requires iOS 4 or later.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Copying TapToTalk Albums

TapToTalk Designer lets you copy albums in your Designer account.  Here are some examples of why you might copy an album:

Make a Test Copy
If you have an album that is important and you want to experiment with changes to it, you can make a copy of the original and work and test on the copy.

Give an Album to Another User
If another Designer user has shared a TapToTalk with you, you can copy any of your albums to their TapToTalk.

Copy an Album to Another TapToTalk (Pro or Agency Accounts)
If you have more than one TapToTalk in your account, you might want to use an album from one person's TapToTalk as the foundation of an album for another person's TapToTalk.

See the "Copying Albums" topic in the "Albums" category of Designer Help for more details and step-by-step instructions..

Monday, August 1, 2011

TapToTalk AAC for Cohen Syndrome

Cohen syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, characterized by developmental and intellectual delay, small head size, muscle and joint weakness, narrow hands and feet, small stature and myopia. Characteristic facial features include thick hair and eyebrows, long eyelashes, unusually-shaped eyes and an open-mouthed appearance. These children tend to be abnormally friendly.

Estimates are that fewer than 1,000 people have been diagnosed worldwide. However, Cohen syndrome is often misdiagnosed, so the incidence may be several times higher.

For much more about this condition and worldwide resources, visit the excellent Cohen Syndrome Association (CSA) website.

Children with Cohen syndrome are often non-verbal or partially verbal. They have the same need and right to communicate as do all other kids. TapToTalk can be an effective, affordable, portable, socially acceptable, customizable AAC solution for them.

Check out this great video of a child with Cohen syndrome being introduced to her TapToTalk. We want to thank Lisa Simonson McElhinney, president of the Cohen Syndrome Association, for this video. And even more thanks to her sweet daughter Morgan, its shining star.
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