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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Great BubCap Giveaway!

TapToTalk turns an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone into a great communication device for a non-verbal child. But one vexing problem can be those little fingers hitting the control button on the device and exiting TapToTalk. If this is an issue for your little tapper, BubCaps are a great, economical solution. We know, because many of you have told us you use BubCaps and love them.

So now we announce the Great BubCap Giveaway! In cooperation with our friends at Paperclip Robot, the makers of BubCaps, every time the TapToTalk Facebook page reaches another milestone of 50 "likes" we will select a lucky winner and mail them their free package of BubCaps.

Here is how to enter:

Send us an email with the subject line "BubCap" to marketing@taptotalk.com.

Be sure your full name is in the body of the email. That signs you up for the giveaway.

You only need to sign up once!

That's all there is to it.

We also ask that you go to www.facebook.com/TapToTalk and click "Like" if you are not already following us on Facebook.

And please encourage others who are interested in helping folks with speech problems to communicate, to "Like" us on Facebook. Every time we get another 50 fans, someone--maybe you--will win BubCaps.

To learn more about BubCaps, or to buy them, go right to the BubCap website at www.BubCap.com.

Assistyx LLC, makers of TapToTalk, has no interest, financial or otherwise, in Paperclip Robot, makers of BubCaps. But we do think its a great product from a great company, and many of our users agree.
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