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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Distributing Your AAC Albums

TapToTalk Designer users may want to share album templates they have developed with others. The purpose of this article is to explain the two ways to do this, "TapToTalk Sharing" and "Sending an Album."

 TapToTalk Sharing Here is how to distribute albums using TapToTalk Sharing:
  1. With your TapToTalk Pro or Agency account, develop your album templates and store them in your TapToTalk album library (the album library is a feature of Pro and Agency accounts).
  2. When you want to distribute one or more albums to another TapToTalk Designer user, have them share their TapToTalk from their Designer account with you.
  3. Add the album(s) you want from your album library to the shared TapToTalk. These are a copies, so you can make changes to without affecting the originals. You can customize at this point if you want, as can the owner of the TapToTalk you are sharing.
  4. When you are done, have the owner of the TapToTalk cancel sharing.
That's all there is to it. You can serve as many TapToTalks as you want this way.

More information about TapToTalk Sharing

Sending an Album
There are times when you simply want to send a copy of one or more of your albums to someone for use in their own Designer account. You can do this by giving them a file containing your album(s). They can then import the album(s) from that file into their Designer account using the Import function of TapToTalk Designer. Since it is a single file, you can email it, copy it to a memory stick, or use any other way that you would use to send someone a computer file.

More information about Sending Albums

Whether you distribute albums for free or as part of your business, TapToTalk Designer makes it easy to do serve others anywhere in the world.
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