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Friday, March 21, 2014

A TapToTalk Mom says, "This is a huge breakthrough for us"

This guest post comes from Diana Mina, who describes herself as "Mother of two, Autism Mom, Massage Therapist, Aspiring Life Coach and Writer." She writes the Devine Haven blog.

I’m so excited about the TapToTalk app we are using on our Android tablet! My son Alessandro is communicating a lot with it. He has Autism and is non-verbal.

For the first time he is able to ask for different things, such as different games.

He communicates when he’s hungry, even though he lets us know loud and clear already without it when he whines loudly, but now he will be able to communicate in a more calm manner.

He is now able to tell us exactly what he wants, and even how he feels about certain things. This is so awesome! I asked him how he felt in different places such as school and home.

He says he’s happy in school, and sometimes frustrated on the bus ride (the bus assistant told me he got upset because another kid was in “his” spot on the bus).

He says he is happy with us at home and sometimes irritated with his younger brother Anthony--probably because of Anthony’s fighting and bossiness. He also says he is sometimes upset with me and dad at times that we’ve yelled. He had me saying “awww” for a moment and then explaining why we have to do it sometimes, which he already knows.

This is a huge breakthrough for us. Communication was always one way for us, but now we can actually know for sure how he feels about something. I love these apps. They provide such a relief to families like ours. Thank you TapToTalk.
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