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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tough TapToTalk Tablets

Stephanie Ingram recently asked the TapToTalk Facebook community for advice: "Please give some information as to what type of tablet or instrument is usable for a 9-year-old that will sustain not being broken."

She got a flood of responses.

The number one solution you recommended was to use an OtterBox case. This was by far the leading suggestion. A typical comment came from Shelly Thompson Kidd: "I second OtterBox, my son's iPad has held up for a year in one. Drinks dumped on it, stepped on, thrown during meltdowns, tossed out his bedroom window and more." Other cases were mentioned, but the OtterBox stood out as the number one choice.

The next most common idea from our fans was the Nabi Tablet. Nabi is designed for the rough-and-tumble treatment of kids.

There was also enthusiasm for the Gab n Go Harness. Tami Kalbrier won one in a TapToTalk drawing, and noted, "The harness is called a Gab n Go. I won it here on facebook! The OtterBox is an excellent protector of the iPad though! I just wanted Jasmine's to be more portable. It is attached to the harness and has only TapToTalk on it so she understands it is not a toy. (With the harness) she doesn't leave it laying around and she doesn't drop it!" You may want to read our blog post about this interesting solution.

A great case, a tablet designed for kids, and a harness. Three different kinds of user-proven solutions for protecting a TapToTalk device.
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