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Monday, July 15, 2013

How long will a non-verbal child use a communication device?

Of course, no one knows how long  a specific child will use AAC like TapToTalk. Some non-verbal kids use TapToTalk to give them a voice for awhile and then start speaking without it. For them, AAC supports the speech development process.

For Melissa Garst's son, TapToTalk helped bridge the gap to him talking. "Thank you TapToTalk for this app. You have been a big part in getting my child to where he is today. He is using his own voice now and is not using your app as much anymore. We love everything that you have accomplished. Words cannot express the joy when you hear your 5-year-old finally use his own voice. You helped this happen. Again I thank you."

Other kids may need to use AAC forever. For example, three years ago we heard this from Lyn Johmson: "I recently visited my godson in Texas. He has autism...I had heard about TapToTalk, but nothing had prepared me for his unprompted communication efforts! While his mom was out doing chores, he came to me and asked for specific food choices. I never thought I'd get to experience that with him. I was so excited I wanted to take him out to a restaurant right away to buy him what he asked for...wanted to say thanks from a grateful godmom."

Then we heard from Lyn a couple of weeks ago: "That was three years ago! My godson is now a rowdy teenager and TapToTalk is still his window of communication. It has changed his world and ours!"

What we do know is that using AAC like TapToTalk may not only help non-verbal and partially verbal kids communicate, it can also help some of these kids develop independent speech. Either way, you "give your child a voice."
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