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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why one Password and ID is not enough

You log in to TapToTalk Designer with your email address and Designer password.

You set up your device to play your TapToTalk with your TapToTalk ID and TapToTalk password.

Why don't we use the same login ID and password for both?

There are two reasons:

Reason 1-Security: If someone knows your Designer ID and password, they have complete access to your account. They can change anything, including the account information, like email address and password. They can see personal information and, possibly, change or delete albums or designs that you created.

However, if they only know your TapToTalk ID (a 10 digit number that is automatically created for each TapToTalk) and password (which you control in Designer), they can only download and play your albums on a device. If someone has your TapToTalk ID and password (for example, if you share the TapToTalk with them), they cannot use it to access your Designer account.

This is why we recommend that you not use the same password for Designer and your TapToTalk.

Reason 2-Designer Accounts with several TapToTalks: A single TapToTalk Pro or Agency account can have many individual TapToTalks. Each of those TapToTalks needs its own unique ID and password. That's how your device knows which one to play.

The good news is that you only need to enter the TapToTalk ID and password once, when you initially set up a device to use them. Unlike your Designer login information, you do not need to remember the TapToTalk ID and password. If you ever need them, you see them using the TapToTalks link in Designer.

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