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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Protect Your Kids with iPhone, iPad and iPod Settings

When kids use portable devices, it is especially important to put some fences around their activities. One way to do this is on Apple devices is with device settings. On your device's home screen, select the Settings App (the same app used to adjust TapToTalk settings), then tap General and Restrictions. Now you can choose what to allow and disallow.

Here are some of your choices:

Under Settings
Airplane Mode ON--disables Internet connectivity
Location Services OFF--no locations services

Under Allow
Safari OFF--no web browser
YouTube OFF--no YouTube
iTunes OFF--no iTunes
Ping OFF--no Ping
Installing Apps OFF--apps cannot be installed
Deleting Apps OFF--apps cannot be deleted

Under Allowed Content
Ratings For--content can be filtered by age ratings
In-App Purchases OFF--no in-app purchases can be made

Under Game Center
Multiplayer Games OFF--disables social gaming

These and other settings can be changed whenever you wish. So use these settings as needed to protect your child from accessing unwanted content, making purchases and so forth.

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