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Monday, March 7, 2011

New! TapToTalk Adds Text-to-Speech

Now you can use text-to-speech in TapToTalk Designer to add sounds to your pictures. Type the text, pick the language and voice, and TapToTalk Designer speaks it. There are over two dozen voices to choose from! TapToTalk Designer remembers your preferred voice, so you don’t have to choose it over and over.

Text-to-speech gives you another choice for creating your sounds. You can still record sounds, upload sound files or use the starter phrases in the Standard Sound Library.

Text-to-Speech has male and female voices for English (in several accents), French, German, Spanish and Italian. Of course, you can still record your sounds in any language.

If you are a TapToTalk Designer subscriber, you already have this new feature. The next time you use TapToTalk Designer, you will see a "TTS" option wherever you add sounds: Properties, Picture Library and Sound Library.

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