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Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks for Giving a Child a Voice

On this Thanksgiving, we at TapToTalk give thanks for the opportunity to help so many children communicate. We think the heartfelt words of some of their parents say what this means much better than we could.

"We love you TapToTalk! Without you we'd still be waiting on our school to get us a device, but once we found you, our son has a voice on his DS and our iPhones! Thanks!" - Carolyn Gonzalez-Galvan

"I can't afford the augmentative devices but knew I wanted something that would help (my son) since he has limited emerging language and had been non-communicative for years. This was a godsend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - A Florida Parent

"I just wanted to let you know we love your product. My daughter with autism is almost eight years old and is nonverbal. She lights up with a big smile when she pushes a picture and hears the voice request something." - Sandy La Grand

"I am floored...speechless...this product is a dream come true for me and for so many other parents of non-verbal kids! Taking advantage of the technology available is amazing. Thank you for finding another tool for my son." - Heather Oliver-Hamilton

"My son is Aspergic and even though he can talk he cannot state an emotion without seeing the face that matches how he feels. So thank you, you have given my specking (little) boy a better voice." - Lee Purcell

"Thank you for helping my family by giving my son a voice when he doesn't have one." - A Canadian Parent

"This is a dream come true! I am a mother of a 9-year-old boy who has ASD. He has some speech but is not that great communicating. This is going to help him so much and it won't even point him out as different because it's a game machine that every child has. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for finally making my child feel average!" - Nicole Lynn MacNeil

"Since we started using the TapToTalk, he (autistic son) has been independent with communication. The first time he used this was to communicate what he wanted to eat and drink for supper. The smile on his face was amazing. He answered quickly and was rewarded with what he wanted. Since then, he has used it to tell us how he feels and where he wants to go." - Tammy Lessick

"After playing with TapToTalk in the car, she (used it to) let me know she was frustrated because she was hungry and wanted steak and a smoothie. I started to cry. It was my first actual conversation with my kid in 8 years." - Amanda Perkins

We thank all of you.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you have a TapToTalk idea or story you'd like us to share with other TapToTalk users, please email us at blog@taptotalk.com.

The TapToTalk Team
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