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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Australia Takes the Lead

TapToTalk has fans and users all over the world. We have Facebook fans in hundreds of cities and towns. Los Angeles, New York, Jackson and Philadelphia lead the American cities. But now Australia has climbed to the top of our list, with the first two cities, Sydney and Brisbane, and three of the top ten. England has two cites in the top ten, and Dublin, Ireland rounds out the leaders.

Here are the top 20 cities for TapToTalk Facebook fans:

1. Sydney
2. Brisbane
3. New York
4. London
5. Los Angeles
6. Manchester
7. Melbourne
8. Dublin
9. Jackson
10. Philadelphia
11. Chicago
12. Newark
13. Columbus
14. Brighton
15. Boston
16. Birmingham
17. Indianapolis
18. Atlanta
19. Perth
20. Tampa

While the majority of our customers are in the US, we appreciate the strong following in Australia, the UK and Ireland. We are proud to be helping kids in so many places.

If you have a TapToTalk idea or story you'd like us to share with other TapToTalk users, please email us at blog@taptotalk.com.

The TapToTalk Team
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