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Friday, April 23, 2010

TapToTalk and PECS

Many of our customers use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) with their special needs child. So we want to pass along some ideas that have been shared with us about using TapToTalk with PECS.

Maria Orofino Yakkey says, "We use the TapToTalk as Emily's communication device. Emily is 7 and has used PECS since she was 4. I decided that the PECS weren't travel friendly and it was annoying that those little velcro pieces would be found all over." Maria appreciates the fact that TapToTalk on the Nintendo DS let's Emily take the pictures she uses to communicate pretty much everywhere. Of course, it also plays the sounds she communicates with when she taps her TapToTalk pictures.

Valerie Pietsch Ammendola calls TapToTalk "electronic PECS." She has a great suggestion for using the feature of the TapToTalk Web App that prints all the pictures in a TapToTalk album. With TapToTalk, you can publish the same albums you run on the Nintendo to the Web App and thus run the album on your computer as well as the DS. The Web App let's you print the pictures (for how to do this, see this Product Tips-and-Tricks post).

Valerie writes, "I just thought this [the ability to print the pictures] was great! If anyone is switching from the standard PECS program to TapToTalk (basically an electronic PECS) this would be a great transition. Switch PECS pictures in your book to TapToTalk pictures before making the switch to the Nintendo." Great idea, Valerie!

Do you use TapToTalk and PECS? If you have a TapToTalk idea or story you'd like us to share with other TapToTalk users, please email us at blog@taptotalk.com.

The TapToTalk Team
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