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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


TapToTalk is at the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence 2009 Conference and Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. Here are some of our impressions, observations and quotes from day one of the conference from out vantage point in booth 424:
Professionals and parents who see TapToTalk and need it are delighted. They get it quickly, ask a little bit about how it works, take our handout, and are figuring out when they are going to buy a Nintendo. Holiday time is on their minds.
Comments included:
“I was hoping someone would do this.”
“I can’t wait to tell our speech therapist."
"I think we're going to use that DS that your brother doesn’t use anymore."
One school sent three groups of people over to see us. Then the administrator came by herself and said, "They are telling me that I HAVE to see this."
Another school came by as a group: administrator, behavioral therapist, psychologist and speech therapist. The speech therapist loved TapToTalk. The administrator said, “She decides this stuff."
Our favorite line came from a mom who walked by, looked the booth over, and said, "Hmm, TapToTalk, my kid is verbal, I don’t need that." She also got it quickly!
Every kid who gets close to our booth is drawn to our Nintendos like a bee to honey. They immediately pick one up and start "tapping and talking." No instruction necessary. But lots of smiles.
The evening also had entertainment. A special needs marching band that is going to play at half-time at the Rose Bowl. Piano players, and signers too. They were wonderful.
We'll be back tomorrow with our OCALI Day 2 report.

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The TapToTalk Team
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