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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keep Home and School in Sync with TapToTalk Sharing

TapToTalk Sharing is an easy-to-use feature available to all TapToTalk Designer users. It let's you share a TapToTalk between two different Designer accounts.

TapToTalk Mom Moira Saucedo shares (no pun intended) this tip:

For a couple of years now, my son's school IEP team had one TapToTalk account, and I (the parent) had another. We each had our own devices; my son would use the school's device while at school, and ours at home. The challenge was keeping the albums synced. Before TapToTalk Sharing became available, I had to log in with the school's login and copy over the albums I had created on our TapToTalk. With the TapToTalk Sharing feature, it is so much easier to keep the albums in sync, to reinforce my son's communication goals at school, and at home.

Thanks, Moira!

Here are step-by-step instructions for using TapToTalk Sharing.
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